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Tameca Coleman

I had the horrible experience of having my car totalled in March, and was left with no choice of finding another car. I didn't know where to start, I thankfully had family to help me. We spent tons of hours looking online for cars, writing down names and numbers to call. I spent time going to dealerships, I knew I couldn't pick any car. I didn't have much time to decide. My sister made a call to Guy, he was the only one that took our call. He informed her that he only chose quality cars, he was selective, he sounded like me. He said he had a Honda civic, and whoever saw it, he knew would buy it. That was my incentive. I was able to see it, test drive it, and I bought it. What was special about this purchase is that he said he did not like working with my bank, because of the way they do business, and he was right. He was willing to do business with them so I could get my car. Guy added some sunlight to my very dark situation. The best car salesman I ever met. (honestly)! I love my car, it's perfect for me. Thank u!

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