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Shanna Cox

I first called Guy, who was out of town for a few days, about his '05 Volkswagen beetle. He told me to call his wife Dixie and go and see the car when it was convenient. i went that same day to go see the car. i fell in love with it> i made arrangements to go and speak with Dixie the morning after i saw the car, when my family and myself sat down and talked with her it was like talking with a neighbor we hadn't seen in a while. it was great environment to talk business in with out being uptight and stuffy. I put a down payment on it and came and got it a couple days later when Guy came back in town. He reminded of a friend we know back her in mesa so it was still like talking with a neighbor. we saw pictures and played with the dogs a bit n then got to business.i paid for the car but being unable to drive it back with no license my dad drove it back. i tell ya what that was a smooth ride. we only had one thing go wrong. a temperature gauge or something I'm still a bit unsure of, but guy had my car towed and had it fixed right away. we went and got it back last Friday and Ive been enjoying every moment in my car since. thank you very much Guy and Dixie, you put regular dealers to shame when it comes to service.

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