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Sam Rogers

My sister had totaled her car and had cash in hand to purchase a good used car. We spent a couple of months driving around the valley looking at cars. By "happenstance" I found Guy's website and he had the Toyota my sister was looking for! This dealer is very interested in trying to understand the customer's needs, and he is not pushy at all! I'm female and have purchased a few cars in my life, but never have had such a pleasant experience! The paper work was painless. We also got referrals for a special steering knob for one-handed drivers, which we followed up on and purchased a knob. The car was clean, was the right price, runs well, and my sister is very pleased (believe me she is hard to please). I've recently gone back to the Used Car Factory in search of another car for a different family member! I would highly recommend him! Thanks, Guy! Sam Rogers

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