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Levi and Jessica DuBois

Our experience buying a 2001 Honda Civic with AZ Car Factory was WONDERFUL!! First or all, setting up an appointment was very convenient. I called and spoke with Guy right away. He was very friendly and flexible with our schedule. Second, they provide EXCELLENT customer service. Right when we got there they handed us the keys and let us take the car for a test drive. They said, “See if you love it”! We loved it alright! The entire process was so low pressure. Last, not only did we gain a great new car, but we also gained a great new friend in the business. There were a few minor regular maintenance items (alternator, two light bulbs) that the car was in need of. We discussed this with Guy and he was well aware of this and informed us that he would be taking care of these items at no extra cost. We negotiated and decided to take care of these things on our end and purchased the car as is. The next day we discovered that the wiring to one of the lights had been chewed through and the fix required a mechanic. I decided to call Guy and let him know; realizing that it was our decision to purchase the car and take it home in the condition is was in. As before, Guy was very kind and understanding. After speaking with him I received a phone call from a mobile mechanic who said, “Guy called and wanted me to contact you so we can set up a time when I can come out and fix your vehicle.” I could not believe this! The mobile mechanic came out to our home right away and fixed the wiring. All of this took place in less than 24 hours! Guy took really good care of us! We really feel blessed to have found AZ Car Factory. We love our new car! She looks great and runs like new!! Thank you for making buying a car a wonderful experience! We will be referring AZ Car Factory to all of our family and friends!

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