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John and Sheryl Hobe

My husband and I searched for over 4 months for that perfect used Dodge Ram pickup. It's a daunting task, going from lot to lot, vehicle to vehicle, going thru the same routine over and over; never being satisfied with what's available for the price you want to spend. After too many unhappy visits at well known dealer lots in the valley, we found ourselves exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed with the constant approaching of sales people trying to sell us their perfect deal. Unfortunately, their perfect deal was nothing at all like our perfect deal, so the hunt continued. We took a couple days off, due to complete frustration, and decided to let our fingers do the walking on Craigslist. After all, we only wanted a fairly late model vehicle with low mileage, well maintained and in excellent condition, inside and out, as well as one that was in our price range. The first day on Craigslist, we found THE USED CAR FACTORY, owned and operated by Guy Kobey. Much to our delight, Guy had several of those perfect vehicles for sale. We drove to where the Dodge was located, test drove it, inspected it and purchased it. Guy made the entire process SO EASY and a lot of fun! We have never been more satisfied with a sales approach as we are with Guys' honest sense of integrity. Thank you Guy for selling a high quality used vehicle and making it as much fun as you did. If you're ever in the market for a high quality, late model used vehicle, call Guy Kobey

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