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2013 Nissan Altima Testimonial

My wife and I just recently purchased a "Beautiful" 2013 Nissan Altima from Guy Kobey, who is affiliated with USED CAR FACTORY ( Over the years we have bought many cars (both as a married couple, and as single individuals) going the way of either buying from a physical-location-dealership, or buying from private owners. So this is the first time either of us have ended up buying a car via the Internet. We went on Craig's List and initially searched for private owner listings; and I had five older model possibilities jotted-down to contact to take a look at locally. Then I pulled up listings under dealerships to use as a comparison. I wasn't far into the listings when Guy's photo of his 2013 Nissan Altima caught my "eye". This main photo really reflected the beauty of this car. Not only that, Guy also provided about-20 additional photos of the car's interior and other views of it's exterior, including the trunk area and the engine compartment. That was GREAT, as we felt like we where physically-standing right there in front of the car. His listed-car features also caught my attention, as he was very maticulous and thorough, listing them in great detail.
So we called Guy and made arrangements to see the car, and take it for a test drive. We met with his associate who briefly showed us the car, and then said: "take it for a drive, and bring it back whenever your are ready".
We took it out onto the city steets, and then on out to the Interstate to see how it felt. It drove beautifully,..shifted beautifully,..crused beatifully,..stopped beatifully;...If it would have had wings, I'm sure that it would have flown beatifully as well. We then returned the car and took a more-specific-detailed look at some different areas of it. My wife and I wanted to go to lunch, so we told the associate that we would think about it during lunch and let Guy know if we wanted to buy it or not afterward.
What is unique about our experience with Guy, and with this possible-car-purchase (up-to-this-point) is the fact that we have never met;..I had not seen him as yet. All of our conversations and communication between us had been over the phone!! One of his associates had shown us the car and handed us the keys to test drive it.
During lunch we again communicated over the phone, this time more specifically about the cost of the car. I asked Guy (Point-Blank) what the "OUT-THE-DOOR COST" of this car would be. He verbally gave me a figure, then broke it down more specifically by item-costs, and then "Text" those figures right to my phone so that I could see them right there. I then told him that we would consider this and call him after lunch. PLEASE NOTE: At-No-Time had there been any high-pressure on us to buy this car either from Guy or from his associate. This whole experience for my wife and I had been very easy-going, enjoyable and exciting.
After considering the whole overall experience pertaining to this car, my wife and I descided to buy it. We called Guy and also agreed to accept the 3-year (Bumper-to-Bumper coverage) Warranty that he had offered us as an option. By the time we had finished lunch (about 30-minutes later) Guy had all the paperwork ready to be signed. This was the first-time we had actually met Guy in person,.."again", up to this point, all of our communication had been over the phone.
Guy had all of the required-forms (many) prepared and ready for us to sign; and he took the time to explain just "what" we were signing and "why" before we signed them. He also stopped briefly with most forms to ask us if we understood or had any questions about it.
We found Guy to be very professional in his business-dealing with us regarding this car purchase; as well as very friendly as a person. He is honest, up-front, to-the-point, and detail-oriented. "Would we buy" another car from him in the future if we needed one???
"Would we Recommend him" to others who may be in the market for a car???
Was our "Overall Experience" of purchasing a car from him an easy, non-stressfull, pleasant-yet exciting experience???.

Testimony by: Gary & Barbara Michael, (11-09-2015)


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