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We purchased a 2011 Camaro from Guy this year and it was a pleasure to do business with him! Guy is honest, straight forward and communicates well with the customer throughout the process. We were dreading the thought of having to purchase another vehicle because of the game dealerships like to play with customers, fortunately we found a beautiful car for a great price through Guy at the Used Car Factory! We love the Camaro, its like a brand new car! Guy was driving the Camaro when we met him in Prescott to see it for the first time. We decided that the Camaro was the vehicle we wished to purchase! Guy handed us the keys and let us give it a good test drive. We drove the Camaro from Prescott to his business location in Cave Creek where we completed the paperwork. We never felt pressured and were treated like friends. We will go to Guy again for any future vehicle purchases! One more thing to note: Guy contacted us about six weeks after the sale just to make sure we were still loving our car! We are very satisfied customers!

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